Two Words You Need To Know About Your Environment – Circular Economy

Environmental problems like global warming and excess waste production seem like topics we’ve read about in school and promptly forgotten afterwards. After all how does it really affect us? We have air conditioned homes to take care of the rising temperature, grocery shops full of food to fulfill our needs and city zoo with animals! […]

Gurgaon: a millennium city without basic public services

The Millennium City It was India’s global dream to build its first millennium city; one which could realise the growing potential of ‘New India’, one which could be the symbol of ‘Rising India’ and one which could be the home to all the dreamers and believers of ‘Young India’. Gurgaon, the millennium city has lived up to […]

Segregation of waste at source in Gurgaon

India is the second largest country in terms of population in world. Rapid industrialization, urbanization and smart cities are the most important topics about which everyone is talking all around the country. The side product of development knows as waste is increasing at alarming rate. Over 68.8 million tones of waste is getting generated per […]

Smartcities first step twoards an Urban dream

Smart Cities is already described by many people but a common man is still confused. Is it about hardware & software or is it about modernisation and redesign the city? This concept has relevance to the topics of mobility, energy supply, waste disposal and environmental awareness. As our Prime Minister said, decision of smart cities […]