Gandhi Jayanti & Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Anniversay

Last year when our PM Narendra Modi announced Swachh Bharat Mission we as a business was euphoric. During the year, we observed the transformation but it was slow. Though we never hoped a sweeping change but welcomed this new optimism. So, why we were not expecting a radical change?

Because we as a nation rather participating in this revolution chose to criticise, how it became a mere lip service only. We expect our PM Narendra Modi to create a system which doesn’t require citizen’s effort. We appreciate western countries but we don’t want to learn from them.

After one year, the progress is obviously slow and it not make the grade to go with the ballyhoo campaigning as crown jewel scheme of our PM. Seriously, we all were thinking PM Narendra Modi as Santa who is going to fix this in five years without our contribution?

Though, as a business we never thought so. Thus, we kept pushing the envelope and added more partners on ground and adding value in our proposition e.g. 15/kg for paper, Rs 20/kg for old clothes and Jhoomley Cafe’s in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi where people can access internet just by giving the waste.

Today, we are not going to do any post-mortem of Swachh Bharat Mission or probably you might have read it in newspapers. We rather will share what we have done so far and how we see this change coming through.

So far, we have served nearly 21000 customers and increased our presence in 5 cities. We are surprised on a daily basis by the questions sent to us by our users related to waste management & list of all materials we collect. Every day on an average our contact centre gets 100 calls for pick-up request. In short, users are not depending on government efforts to reduce their waste.

Moreover, people are ready to learn that merely change in approach towards waste management can help in an immense way to garbage amassing: from separation of dry and wet waste at source. Hope we see us as an agent of change and our PM Narendra Modi as facilitator who can only provide resources to make this mission successful.

P.S. Bapu must be expecting a brilliant birthday gift from all of us on 2nd October 2019. Happy Gandhi Jayanti!

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