Now Buy & Sell your stuff is Easier !

We cherish what we have and hold on to it even if we are not using it.  It is equally important to understand what and how to yield more from your old items.

Now, REUSE—is easier because Team ExtraCarbon is proud to announce a change which can bring more transparency and options for the users. Our constant focus is on reduce, reuse and recycle motivates us to find the way of discovering, giving, swapping or selling pre-loved items online.

In our new move users can display/post pictures of their second hand products on our website. These items will immediately get a quote from us but if as a user you don’t like it then wait because now others are open to quote too. If buyers & sellers interact directly and wish to do transaction then they can do it. We can also facilitate the process by providing transportation facility and in some cases we can pay on their behalf and they can pay us at the time of delivery.

ExtraCarbon inspires and rewards smarter, everyday choices for a more sustainable future.We know that it takes a group effort to make a positive impact, which is why we bring together communities, businesses and people like you.

Now, users will have more power and we also wish to make it a one stop shop for trading old items. As we learn to let go, we create space for more or make more.

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