Our effort for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

On account of Swachhta Divas ExtraCarbon announced pilot test their Mobile App Waste Collection Movement update in PM’s constituency.

Gurgaon—01st October 2017—Today, On account of Swachhta Divas ExtraCarbon.

announced pilot test their Mobile App Waste Collection Movement update in PM’s constituency, enabling users to inform real time to the Municipal Corporations whether their waste was picked or not. You must be wondering what’s new about this news? Government is planning to put RFID tag outside each and every house so that waste collectors can scan the code every morning. This would be an expensive affair and hence most of the waste management concessionaires are avoiding the whole exercise. Also, it doesn’t take the user input and at large scale waste collector might find a way out to cheat the process. Not that they doesn’t want to do it in the first place but it is difficult and time consuming to follow such practice in a regular day to day operation
Positive Customer & Waste Collector Participation in Swachh Bharat
Following would be the workflow of this process:
• At the back end, concessionaire allocates waste collection addresses on Green Super Hero (GSH) app.
• As soon as GSH starts from his/her location towards the user place, system will inform the user about the estimated arrival time of him/her.
• After waste collection, user will get an update on his/her app as well as receive a text, if they provide contact details.
• If users want they can dispute the pick-up as not done, they can use this option for next 24hrs.
How is it different from RFID tagging every home?
Unlike RFID, Green Super Hero (waste collector) need not do anything, as it will be run silently through app. All they have to do is keep their mobile phone charged. User will get notification if they download the app and if they don’t then can get SMS update but in RFID technology user has no role to play. They even cannot provide a feedback on collection system. To cover every house through RFID only installation alone will cost Rs 5 per house. Thus, every municipal corporation can get more benefits at cheaper prices.
Testing Partners & Locations:
We are partnering with Kiana Waste Management in Varanasi and Intomedix in Jaipur. Also, in Gurugram, we would be testing this in Belmonte on Golf Course road.

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