Go Green knowledge for children

The earth is turning into a dumping pit. If some necessary action is not taken soon, then we will only be left with repentance. Thus, it becomes necessary to teach our kids the importance of recycling. Kids usually have a very small span of attention. So to attract kids towards this tradition, turn recycling into fun and enjoyable activities. Some examples are:-

• Ask your kids to collect stuff from your house or your garden which they think could be recycled. Give them small rewards according to their efforts.
• Encourage kids to turn old and unused objects into something creative and useful. This will help them evolve their creative buds, and will also help them learn something new and innovative.
• Gather your kids and their friends together and give them something fun to do relating to recycling. They will enjoy the activity even more along with their friends.
• Teach your kids the importance of recycling with the help of online videos, animations, books and interactive conversations. Read or watch them together and educate in a fun manner.

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