How to minimize your E-wastes?

Electronic devices are a boon to humanity, but the consequences that come along are E-wastes which have turned the technology into a curse for the Mother Nature. Electronic wastes produce harmful toxins which are injurious to the mankind. Hence recycling of E-wastes such as old phones, computers, and batteries is necessary and will also help in conserving resources. But recycling them is not an easy job and a layman isn’t efficient enough for this, so we must try and minimize their use.

1. Always try to buy less of gadgets and e-products. See if you really need them. If you don’t, then try and avoid buying them.
2. Try to extend the life of your devices so that they run for a number of years. Keep them clean and protected, and avoid over-charging them.
3. If an electronic device has come to an end of its life, then don’t just throw it away. Donate them to social programs or recycling portals.
4. Lastly, spread the word to as many people as possible, and educate them about ways to minimize E-wastes.

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