Janmashtami & Teachers Day Wishes

Generation after generation we heard reasons & versions of why we should celebrate Janmashtami. As an organisation, we love the version where Mother Earth couldn’t take anymore sins of rulers of that time on Earth. She approached Lord Brahma & asked for solution who said that the only one who could help her would be Narayana, Lord Vishnu. She was relieved when Lord told her that even he was aware & soon he is going to on seeking his help, he told them that he was already aware of the take birth on Earth as the son of Devaki and Vasudeva. Rest of the part we all know.

Who is going to take birth now to get rid of the sins we are committing on a daily basis? Different kind of pollution, crime, filth on the road & even in 21st century we don’t have solution for waste management. Not a single technology is going to help us till the time we don’t embrace the social change.

Lord Vishnu definitely is confused right now. For him it was easy to kill Kansa then providing a solution to our current problems. He must be waiting for a citizen initiative. That’s the only way forward.

Let’s now talk about co-incidence that Teachers day & Janmashtami is on the same day. Lord Krishna (teacher) definitely doesn’t seek another reincarnation because he might also find our society capable in solving such problems. Or can’t we just become Arjun (student) & seek his guidance & blessing only. We know this for the fact that like Arjun we have to do whatever it takes because the way things are heading we are moving closer to disaster.

At the end, even if you disagree, a Prime Minister can only set the environment ready for any movement rest we have to do it.

May the festival of Janmashtami bring you Joy, Peace & Love!

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