Classified advertisement sites & US

On a regular basis, we get this question how you are different from Bechde aur kurr sites? Our first reaction is haven’t you noticed celebrity endorsement difference.


Ours is not a nation of shopkeepers & we are not asking everybody to become merchants. You have probably came across with websites which are asking you to sell mobiles online, sell laptop online or at least sign-up now & think later what you want to sell.

Certainly we are different & the biggest difference is we are helping our users to sell those items to us which you are unable to sell online to other classified advertisement sites. Try to sell your old items such as bed sheets, old clothes, empty mineral water bottle, old razor etc. on these sites. Hope you are now getting what we are trying to say?

Yes, we are a network of kabadiwalas (Green Super HeroTM ) who are in this trade from ages ago. You book a pick-up service through our website & one of our GSH (Green Super HeroTM ) will come to assist you at your doorstep. They will certainly buy these items (with terms & conditions) for cash & kind both.

Also, if your most of the internet data is sucked by whatsapp then not to worry we are also available there & our number is 8510023399. You can send the picture of your old items such as mobile phones, refrigerator, washing machine, furniture, gym equipments etc. We will share a quote with you & if you like our quote one of our GSH will come & collect your item after handing over the cash to you.

Oh we forgot to ask, can you sell your old newspaper for cash on these classified ads site? If not then you have spotted the difference. Once again we would like to inform you that we are a network of GSH & these people are entrepreneurs. They are not on our pay-rolls. We are helping them to get more customers. Isn’t it nice?

We love all sort of names which help you to remind us. Thanks to truecaller!

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