Gurgaon: a millennium city without basic public services

The Millennium City

It was India’s global dream to build its first millennium city; one which could realise the growing potential of ‘New India’, one which could be the symbol of ‘Rising India’ and one which could be the home to all the dreamers and believers of ‘Young India’.

Gurgaon, the millennium city has lived up to the expectations of millions and billions of Indians, considering the fact that it has the third largest per capita income in the country. With its shiny buildings and galloping economy, Gurgaon was always destined to be the financial and the industrial capital of India.

But has the Indian millennium goal been really accomplished? Does Gurgaon really stand as the
symbol for New and Rising India?

Gurgaon has been witness to huge developments but rapid urbanization along with increases in population has led to the deterioration of physical environment in Gurgaon. Effective Solid Waste Management has become one of the major challenges for the local authorities.
Sad but true, this millennium city has no single authority responsible for waste management of the city’s urban area. The apex body responsible for waste planning and management in the city (Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon) is only responsible for waste generated in its municipal area, remaining Gurgaon has to depend on the efforts of private contractors to keep itself excess free.
Constrained by institutional weakness, funding constraints, management and operational systems, public apathy and municipal unconcern, waste dumping has hence become the only favourable method to manage waste in Gurgaon.

Shockingly this is not the end to the problems, Gurgaon is also responsible for producing 600 metric tons of waste daily and the lone site of Bandhawari which is being used to dump all the waste has become already full. Rather the incompetency of proper planning is so huge that the site is being used as a dump site not only for Gurgaon but Faridabad as well. Which means the millennium city does not have any land fill site of its own! Hence now the major concern for the local authorities is
to find a new area in Gurgaon, which could serve the purpose of dumping site.

But can this be the ultimate solution to all the problems?

The increasing trend of dumping yards is becoming unsustainable to the growing population in the city. Developing countries, such as India, are undergoing a massive migration of their population from rural to urban centres. According to a report, India will have more than 40 per cent, i.e. over 400 million people clustered in cities over the next thirty years. Hence endless dumping of wastes can never be a permanent solution to rising concern of solid waste management. Rather, carelessly
dumping waste will only result in hazardous effects towards yourself and the environment. For example an untreated waste dumping site can lead to the contamination of the water supply resulting in hundreds and thousands of people being severely infected.

So what do we do? Find a permanent and sustainable solution, may be?!

Solid waste isn’t a stream that starts in one place and ends in another. It’s a loop of valuable resources. Hence for achieving the zero free status, Gurgaon should focus all its attention majorly on three points reduce, reuse, and recycle. Concentrating on these points will help make the loop as small as possible and will aid in Gurgaon to managing its waste more efficiently. But more importantly the city needs the community participation and a clear municipal composting program
to achieve its millennium dream.

We believe that through a proper municipal composting program not only there will be less amount of waste dumped at the landfill site but also people will learn about the importance of recycling and would take special measures to ensure that nothing valuable is wasted!

And to guarantee the continual progress of the city and the people towards this dream we founded ExtraCarbon.

Started with only one objective in mind, ExtraCarbon wants to inspire and empower people to make smarter choices that lead to a greener, sustainable future. We believe in every individual action, such as increasing recycling or learning about greener ways to purchase, consume or dispose of products. For us any small action towards recycling could have a big impact on the health of our planet and by rewarding these actions, we believe responsible recycling can become a regular habit.
As in the end our ultimate goal is seeing a clean and incredible India.

Are you still wondering about where to start? Do not worry, just give us a call!

With Extracarbon you are allowed to recycle your waste, buy and sell your second hands items, and make eco-friendly choices every day that rewards you now, and in the future. Once you register & start using ExtraCarbon you earn carbon points and with these points you can get variety of deals or discounts on products & services that are not only good for you and your wallet but also for the planet.

For us recycling has the potential to change the face of this entire world, but the fact remains that change needs to start from your doorstep. So do not waste any other moment in thinking what should be done. Just do it and be the first to take the first step towards a cleaner Gurgaon.

Be the change you want to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi

Cleaner Me, Cleaner Gurgaon

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