Recycling as the term suggests uses less energy than building a product from scratch. Our ever increasing lifestyle demands have taken a heavy toll on our natural ecosystem. Isn’t this the time when we draw a line between our real needs and artificial wants? Shouldn’t we be responsible enough to understand what matters to us more and take rightful decisions for attaining it?

The current goal for every specific individual should be saving nature and make stern resolutions for preserving it. For ages we have utilised our natural resources for our own sake. So instead of wasting any other moment in thinking what should be done? Just do it! REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE

Be the change you want to see in the world

Like they say, goodness starts at home. Recycling should also start from home. Take a moment, and ask yourself is that plastic bottle, that half used notebook, that cardboard box, are they all worth just throwing away or maybe we could reuse them for something new?

Recycling can work wonders, only if you give it a try!

  • It can Save the Earth: Recycling different products will help the environment in many ways. For starters, it will considerably reduce the exploitation of our existing natural resources which has become one of the primary concerns for us at the moment.
  • It can Save Energy: It takes less energy to process recycled materials than to process raw materials. Saving energy also has its own benefits like decreasing pollution. This creates less stress on own health and our economy.
  • It can Help Lessen Global Warming and Reduce Pollution: By saving energy in industrial production through recycling, the greenhouse gas emissions from factories and industrial plants are lessened and the use of fuels that emit harmful gasses during production is also minimized.
  • It can Reduce Waste Products in Landfills: By recycling, we can lessen the waste materials that are placed into landfills and we are also able to make the most out of these materials. If we don’t recycle, more and more garbage will go to landfills until they all get filled up.
  • It can contribute to the economy! : Recycling helps in conserving resources and this in turn saves money, creates jobs and even generates revenue!

These being the basic reasons, recycling should be done majorly for creating a safe and healthy future for our coming generations. They should not pay the hefty price for the damage we did to the environment.


With our natural resources becoming increasingly scarce, there is a need for a new social and economic growth model that is more efficient, better balanced and sustainable.

This is where we Step in!

We are one of the very few companies who have taken the responsibility to make sure that every individual is contributing his/her part in making this world a greener and healthier place. At Extra Carbon, we believe that the happiness of our life depends on the quality of our actions and hence strive every day in spreading the message about the importance of recycling.

Recycling has the potential to change the landscape of the entire world, but the fact remains that change needs to start from your doorstep. AND, to make your life easier and your action safe & healthier, Extra Carbon was founded with the intention to provide the best waste management services right at your doorstep.

Now, you don’t have to wait till weekends to give away your waste, you just need to have a mobile, an internet and that’s it, we will be on our way to have your kabad collected from your doorstep. An easy, hassle-free and smarter way to manage your waste.

The paybacks doesn’t just end here, you are rewarded highly every time you take the step towards making a positive difference towards a sustainable future. With our first of a kind Recycling Rewards program and your recycling rewards points, you get to redeem for valuable deals and discounts on Extra Carbon’s online shop Jhoomley! A smarter way to shop for an ecological future.

The only thing that you need to do now is RECYCLE. The more you recycle, more points you earn! It is as simple as that! Try it out now –

We guarantee this revolutionary idea of ours will help you in choosing products that are better not only for your home and you wallet but also for the planet. So let’s all Roll will Reducing, Reusing and Recycling and Rock the world!

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