How ExtraCarbon is changing lives?

Who are we? We are the online KABADIWALAS

Sounds cool right! In reality it is much cooler than it sounds. It is like the beginning of a new era in the field of internet applications. We have heard of businesses trying to sell clothes, gadgets and even vegetables online. But this is different; here the online KABADIWALAS rather to be precise EXTRACARBON is not selling anything rather they are collecting your unwanted, undesirable, disposed off wastes. And need not worry your wastes hold a lot of importance to us
and hence we pay you for your trashes. And we pay you good!

Why should you give us your KABAD?

Well for starters why do you want to keep it? Giving off your trash on time and managing it properly does not only clean the environment around you but also makes you a pioneer in waste management system. If compared to the traditional methods of waste management which was through regular channels of rag pickers/junk collectors/kabadiwalas. We provide a much easier,
hassle free and smarter way of managing your waste. Now, you don’t have to wait till weekends to give away your waste and you don’t have to wait to hear that sound “KABADIWALAAAA”.
You just need to have a mobile, an internet and that’s it, your most loved EXTRACARBON is on its way to have your kabad collected from your doorstep. Now doesn’t that sound awesome?

And the benefits doesn’t just end here, this system is having a real impact on the lives of people. It is bringing a change which very few people would have ever dreamt of. The kabadiwalas who were always looked down by our society are now part of something big; they are now the associates of ExtraCarbon. This movement has raised their self-esteem in their own eyes and
also in the eyes of the society. Their earning which were mere Rs 7000 per month through their primitive way of working has now almost doubled after joining hands with ExtraCarbon.

They have always deserved our respect for doing the most crucial work of cleaning our environment and making this world a better place to live. So now it’s time to give them something back. Become a part of this new change, a change which is not just good for us or the kabadiwalas but also for you.

WHO ARE WE? WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! Visit our website and get to know us more in person. We are spreading awareness and helping the nation to be in an eco-friendly and sustainable environment! Touching the lives of people and making it better at every stage.

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