Swach Bharat Entreprenuers

PM Modi wants to realise “Swach Bharat” mission through a set of people whom he is calling Swach Bharat Entrepreneurs. We appreciate the nomenclature as well as the noble thought of bringing people out of poverty. Now, who is an entrepreneur or at least in this context whom is he referring? Our guess is, he is referring to organisation or a person (formal sector) who are into waste management. If this is correct, then we might once again miss the golden opportunity to not only clean the nation as well as improving financial health of people involved in these jobs. This could be a farfetched dream.

What can be best done to address the problem? Our solution is as follows:

1)      Citizens, like other bills should pay the cleanliness money to these people.

2)      Citizens should segregate their waste as this can increase their income by 25%.

3)      Government ensures Jan Dhan Bank accounts for them.

4)      Like other waste management companies, municipal corporations must provide land to them where they can process waste.

5)      More importantly, these people should get bank loans to improve their operations.

6)      Organisations should provide them basic tools through CSR funds so that they can improve their performance.

If we are not doing the above mentioned things then it will be very difficult to achieve the goals. If all these facilities are only for organisations, then the purpose of creating Swach Bharat entrepreneurs will be deceived.

This industry can work like taxi industry where many taxi drivers / operators create an industry but not few organisations. Let all these unorganised players provide an opportunity to convert them into organised sector through decentralisation of waste management. With their help we can not only achieve zero waste housing societies as well as landfills can be reduced.

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