Save 50% on your Newspapers bill!

Instead of cutting down more trees to produce more paper, the trees can be saved by using old paper to produce new paper by recycling. And what’s better than starting from recycling of Newspapers’.

We at ExtraCarbon are front runners in the field of recycling in India and we have come up with something which will benefit us all: you the readers, we as an entity promoting circular economy & of course the trees. All you need to do is give us all your old newspapers & we’ll pay 50% of your bill for the month.

Here is more on the scheme, we recommend that you to go through the points below to have a better understanding of our initiative.

1. Eligibility

Any individual with a postal address in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Kanpur, Noida, Sahibabad & Faridabad and a local residence/work/ mobile contact number is welcome to sign up with Extracarbon. However, Extracarbon reserves the right to accept, or reject membership at its sole discretion. Membership is for personal use only, however, can be transferred with explicit communication to Extracarbon.

2. Plans & Payment terms

By subscribing to a specific membership plan of Extracarbon, the member is explicitly agreeing to pay the reading fee attached to the plan plus any applicable tax at the frequency specified by the plan. Any non-compliance with the payment terms in spite of 2 reminders will attract penalty of 10% per payment period on the amount due and may lead to cancellation of membership.

3. Reading period

ExtraCarbon proposes a reasonable reading & holding period with a restriction on the number of newspaper copies that a member can hold at any point of time. No fine or any sort of a penalty will be levied for delayed return of newspaper. However, under specific circumstances where any member cannot provide all the copies then they need to pay total Cost of the missing newspapers or provide equal worth of recyclable item of newspaper e.g. plastic bottles. Extracarbon reserves a right to request for the newspapers to be returned and members are expected to return the newspapers within five days of the request. Reading fee should be paid as per the plan. In the event a member does not renew his/her subscription the company reserves the right to terminate the membership of that member.

4. Lost or Damaged newspapers

At Extracarbon, we take utmost care to maintain newspapers in good condition. Any difference (unprinted pages) or damage if found should be reported either at the front desk while getting the newspaper issued or to the delivery executive if the newspaper is delivered at the door. Failure to check and/or report the same will be constituted as the member having received a newspaper in good condition. While returning the newspaper, the front desk executive or the delivery executive (if the newspaper is collected at the door) will check for any damage of newspapers and report to the member accordingly. The determination of a newspaper being damaged will be at the sole discretion of Extracarbon.

The damage policy is detailed below:

NATURE OF DAMAGE – If the newspapers are lost

AMOUNT THE MEMBER HAS TO PAY – Total Cost of the newspaper/Equal worth of recyclable item of newspaper e.g. plastic bottles.

5. Membership closure

The minimum membership term is 12months and each member is required to comply with this. This is just to discourage ad-hoc & short term memberships. For non-compliance to these terms, Extracarbon reserves the right to terminate the membership. Member need to return all newspapers they may be holding at the event of closure of account.

6. Definition of a NEWSPAPER

Since the reading fee at Extracarbon is a flat rate and is not linked to the number of newspapers read in a period, it is important to note that each newspaper in Extracarbon gets the same treatment irrespective of size, cost & target reader. Classified/Job newspapers are treated the same way as other newspapers.

7. Temporary suspension of membership

Extracarbon allows temporary suspension of membership provided the member has completed a 12 months membership period. To avail this benefit the member has to submit the temporary membership waiver form in writing at least 5 days prior to expiration of the membership. All newspapers and magazines will be returned to us. The member will not be able to use the scheme during the waiver period. To resume the member will have to pay the subscription fees.

8. DD Services

DD services are provided only within 7Kms of the nearest branch.

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