Up-cycle your carton boxes

Anything and everything comes wrapped in cardboard boxes these days. The product is a utility, but the cardboard that comes along becomes a useless entity eating up spaces. Below given are some useful ways of recycling and reusing cardboard boxes which are usually kept laying aside.

• Vertical cardboard boxes can be brightly colored and decorated to be used as a book holder.

• A small and light cardboard box can be turned into a carry bag using some glue, ropes and a scissor. It can mainly be used to carry light clothes or paper made products.

• Stencils are a huge craze among kids. So cardboard pieces can be used to create different types of stencils such as alphabets and various geometrical shapes.

• Another use of large cardboard boxes is that they can be turned into resting/sleeping boxes for our lovely pets at home.

• Cardboards are a very creative and cheap way of making gift tags and nameplates for our personal use.

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