Bye Bye 2016 and Welcome 2017

2016, will be remembered as the golden year in the history of Greentooth Technologies Private Limited.  In this year, we made all the intangible ideas into tangible realities. Icing on the cake was demonetization but the awesome thing was our preparedness for such events.

Traditionally, the strategic approach at the highest level in our organization focuses on the three main components- Vision, Mission and Values. But for some reasons we were unable to convince all the stakeholders that what we are working is future. However, things started changing inn the second half of the year when we launched Jhoomley Credits (JC).

JC finally became the enabler of Green Super Heroes (GSH). Earlier out of 100 transactions 25 used to be JC transactions now the number are 60. Few Banks came forward for lending the money to our GSH network. Such events are proof enough that our good work is appreciated and recognized by all the right kind of audience.

Highlights of 2016 are as follows:

  • Number of pick-ups: It is at all time high. In November, we did more than 6000 pick-ups.
  • Jhoomley Credits: This project was in Beta phase for nearly 18 months but this year in June we went live with it and the results are encouraging.
  • Parivartan Awards: Our brand and organization got recognition when our co-founders received the Parivartan awards for inspiring people in our space.
  • Bots: Now, if you wish to book pick-up request and feeling too lazy to call us or send web request then during your FB time go to our page and just tell the bot what kind of service you want from us.
  • Demonetization: Since our early days, we as a team found it very difficult to convince users to accept the waste value through electronic payments but this year due to demonetization it finally happened.

What to expect from us in 2017:

  • Electronic receipt of your sale: Next year we are coming with our GSH app which will enable them to issue electronic receipt of your goods sold.
  • User App: We will be coming up with our end user app next year with amazing features.
  • Scrap Uncle: This will be an interesting platform but right now we just want to tell you that keep watching this space for information.

Thank you for your support and love.

Team ExtraCarbon!

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