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We can ensure we will help you make the accurate decisions so you can hit the ground running and grow your business rapidly and effortlessly. As we maintain to grow the ExtraCarbon brand, we remain competitive by offering franchising opportunities through master franchise, joint ventures and unit franchise options. We have the ways for success and are determined to empower you with first-class knowledge resources and support needed to be a member of the ExtraCarbon family. There has never been a better time to become an ExtraCarbon franchisee. We stand ready to support your franchising & development plans.

With over 125000 + current users across 7 cities in India we are standardizing how waste is picked up by applying new world methods to an age old problem. Our aim is to organize the way that waste is treated in India through changing how people treat their recyclable material at offices, schools, government organizations and last but not least their homes. ExtraCarbon.com since its inception has grown leaps and bounds with respect to its standardization, presence, prowess, ever growing loyal customer base and our strong Corporate Relations.

Partnership Models

  • Model 1 - FOCO
  • FOCO is a partnership model where we at ExtraCarbon will take the liability to give ROI on time either it’s in loss or profit. In FOCO module franchisee has to invest the fixed cost while, running cost will be borne by ExtraCarbon and in return, franchisee gets a minimum guarantee. FOCO model assures risk free opportunity.
  • Space - 3000 - 4000 sq.ft. warehouse space, rented or owned
  • Estimated Investment - Rs 15 Lakhs
  • Refundable – Rs 10 Lakhs
  • Lock- in period – 3 Years
  • Model 2 - FOFO
  • FOFO is completely own and operated by franchisee, this model is good for faster expansion of business and to penetrate completely new markets with the help of local business men. In this model the training of staffs, initial setup will be done by ExtraCarbon and will be handed over to the Franchisee to run the operations and maintain standards based on SOPs set by ExtraCarbon
  • Space - 3000 - 4000 sq.ft. warehouse space, rented or owned
  • Estimated Investment - Rs 8- 10 Lakhs
  • Revenue Sharing - Monthly
  • Lock- in period – 3 Year

Become Our Partners